Project History

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5 Story Hotel in Garapan

Fishing Base Revetment Project

Route 315 Quartermaster and Beach Road Intersection Traffic System Improvement Project

Oleai Sports Complex - Baseball Field Improvements

Koblerville Sewerline Extension

Garapan Revitalization Project

Chalan Pale Arnold and Kopa Di Oro Intersection Traffic Improvement Project

Kannat Tabla Road Improvement Project

Oleai Sports Complex - Ada Gym General Repair Project

Oleai Sports Complex - Metal Light Poles

Kobler Soccer Field

Ada Gym Roof Coating

Best Sunshine

S4 Sewer Lift Station

Saipan Aging Office Generator

USA Fanter Corporate Office

Beach Road Pathway

Dandan Headstart

Gualo Rai Water Reservoir

Kalabera Cave Development

NMC College Building K

Rehabilitation of Agingan Waste Water Plant

Tinian Amphitheater

Tinian Community Center

Tinian Headstart Renovation

Dotse Place Waterline

Islay Water Tank Fence

Susupe Track & Field